On this day...

More than a thousand gathered in the Newport church this day to honor one man. He wasn't a senator, or congressman, or clergy or anyone "famous" for that matter, yet he had touched hearts, changed lives and brought smiles.

Like so many here today, Captain Joseph X. (Jay) O'Brien was a fisherman. A young man whose life was cut short by his one true love - the sea.

As they gathered to somehow put aside their sorrow in celebration of a life so well lived, many were struck by the number of times they stood here before.

In their hearts was a wish - to pay monumental tribute for these friends, brothers, husbands, sisters, daughters all of whom are now a loving memory.

This day, this life, and this celebration became the birth of an idea - The Fisherman's Memorial; now the Mariner's Memorial Foundation.

Today, this idea is a reality. A monument proudly stands in memory of all mariners who lived and died with a love for the sea.

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