Captain Joseph X. "Jay" O'brien Jr.

Always a smile and always ready to lend a hand. Jay knew the secret to happines. He lived his passion and loved with his whole heart. Those who had the good fortune to know him, are forever touched.

An avid fisherman, Jay lived to share the thrill of the catch with others. He would take friends and clients out on his charter craft and they would always catch fish. Lots of them! He seemed to have a 6th sense knowing where they were and when they would bite. There was always a bountiful catch and always sharing...He didn't fish for money, he fished because it was a part of his soul.

Born on April 21, 1954, his brother Patrick remembers the day so clearly. As he and his sister Damien stood on the Friendship Street sidewalk waving frantically to their mom in the hospital window holding their new baby brother in her arms. "It wa an omen for his life that he was born on Friendship Street; and another that we then lived on Green Street. Jay would grow to become both a lover of friendship and the green environment."

Another omen for Jay's life began when their parents moved to Ocean Drive. Each morning he woke to what was to become one of the great loves of his life, Narragansett Bay.

"I never want to work in an office" Jay used to say, "I don't want to be inside" He persued a degree in wildlife management and when unable to obtain the kind of job outdoors he desired, he did the next logical thing he could do. He opened a bar and bestowed upon it his trademark, his moustache. The moustache that accented the best smile in the world.

From that point on, his life was a journey of friendship and love. Some people touch a few lives, Jay touched hundreds with his love, kindness, goodness and generosity and most sure his warmth.

Taken in part from A Tribute to Jay by his brother Patrick M. O'Brien.


Molly K. Finn

Molly K. Finn, A free spirit, lost at sea. On June 15, 2006 Molly enjoyed the beauty of her beloved sea.


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